July 7, 2011


I recently watched David Lean's 1955 Technicolor Katharine Hepburn film "Summertime," (released in the UK as Summertime Madness - love that title).  Technicolor films are some of my favorite to watch, especially when they star Rossano Brazzi. This film has everything you need: Hepburn, Brazzi, and Venice.  Watch Hepburn's transformation from a lonely, old-fashioned Ohioan into a chic Italian beauty as she falls in love in the midst of Venice . . . 


April 19, 2011


I am sorry but I have been going a little happy over Forever 21's recent items that have had a tad of vintage and current "Missoni-ish" flare to them.  If you just imagine you can really put together some Missoni-inspired looks.  I sure have . . . 

Cotton-Spandex Bandeau Top by Featured designer Petro Zillia
What you can't see in the picture is the sparkle of the purple lurex yarn knitted in between the multi-stripe Missoni like colors !  
Only $11.80 !  
It also comes in other great 70s themed colors ! 

Wear it under either of these tops below for a layered look. 

Especially this one

April 13, 2011


Richard Burbridge recently shot Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak for the latest issue of Vogue Italia. The colors and dreamy tulle are driving me lacy crazy.  I've always loved tulle but never could come up with a way to utilize all its greatness.  Maybe I'll create a hair net?


November 12, 2010


 I recently watched El Guincho's new video "Bombay," directed by Nicolás Méndez.  
If you haven't heard or seen this video you should watch and listen. 

My friend Susan of Candy Ropes noticed something interesting.  
An image from this 2010 video looks exactly like 
an image from designer Sophomore's 2008 spring look book :

Sophomore look book

"Bombay" Vid

And we get a GOLD girl in this vid!


April 2, 2010


Chanel's new makeup line that comes out in April features GOLD.  
In my opinion gold has yet to be mastered in the makeup world 
and continues to be my own personal favorite color.

Inspired by the the Paris-Shanghai show this collection features only Gold & Black

Remember to check Goldworms for all new and everything gold . . .

March 21, 2010

A B C & D

I would love to come home to New York from a trip using this:


Wash up in this:


Slip into this:


And walk into my bedroom to be greeted by this:

Featuring . . .

A. The unbelievable chic design of Williams-British Handmade.  
Collection developed by graduating student of the M.A. Fashion Artefacts program in London, Sarah Williams.
B.  The surreal drug dream-like design of Stefan Boublil.
C.  Vanity Fair nightgown featuring incredible gold lame (too much money) at Style Hive
D.  Can't buy this one.

February 17, 2010

 Check out these incredible HAIR HATS by Japanese pop artist Nagi Noda





 Nagi Noda's other amazing Hair Hats can be seen here